Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I intend to buy myself these things at the end of June for a present to myself!

They're all really useful things which I don't yet have, and I think my cake and candy making would benefit tremendously from having them! :D
I could definitely go for a prettier one, but a cake turntable is very useful & I must get one soon.
Silicone mats are the most useful for candy making, cookie baking, anything with chocolate, pate choux, etc. they are just so much better than a naked pan, and this package has 3, with very convenient sizes.
pretty cups & baking cups to display cupcakes in!
I think for my practice cooking & personal consumption, this pan is probably the perfect size 

candy thermometer is a necessity for candy, marshmallows, etc. but I also would like this one for meats , etc. as well! 

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  1. the thermometer you have selected is excellent! It's one of the ones I use to make my earl grey caramel syrup :D and to make the syrup for one stage of the macaron

    we also use it all the time for chicken!